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Social Media Trends for Businesses

Social media is everywhere – its on the train, its in the office, its in schools, its inescapable. The ubiquitous nature of social media has given businesses the ability to reach people anywhere in the world. The downside is, any business can have this reach provided they have some financial backing. This makes it all the more competitive. So how can social media be used to benefit your business?

Real-Time Messaging
Research has shown that consumers are 55% more likely to trust a business or seller if they are able to talk to them. Trends are also showing that consumers are expecting interaction interactions with business through apps such as Facebook Messenger to be more common. Consumers believe that real-time engagement with the seller helps to strengthen loyalty, trust and respect. This increases the chance of repeat purchases and encourages consumer engagement. This kind of engagement can be seen on some websites that have a chat pop-up and on ads within Facebook messenger.

Being Active On Your Socials
People thrive on content. Viewers love when content is tailor-made, as does Google. The algorithms put in place by Google and social media platforms often reward profiles that upload unique content. For example, if you post something to Facebook and you plan to also post it to Twitter, make sure they are worded differently to each other. Most importantly, listen to your audience and engage with them. Generate conversation and give others a reason to mention your company. Word of mouth or a simple repost can go a long way.

Video = 100 Points
Video can give a sense of legitimacy, it gives a depth of insight that words or imagery may not be able to deliver. If the video is produced well, it can really strengthen your brand identity.

Click-Through Rates on Mobile and Desktop

  • Do consumers prefer to click-through on their mobile or desktop?
  • Does it lead to a sale?

Direct marketing is becoming more habitual for businesses, and is great since it very easy to track. The metrics it encompasses include open rates, click rates, unsubscribe rates, bounce rates and overall subscriber activity. This form of advertising can range from cheap, to unbelievably expensive. It all comes down to how you target your audience. We have the ability to sponsor posts on Instagram, boost posts on Facebook and execute banner advertisements across most other social media platforms. Research has shown that more people seem to be clicking through on their phone, but later return on a desktop to complete a purchase. This trend is highly subject to change.

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