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Choosing Art For Your Business

Decorating an office can be very tricky since you would want the décor to depict a positive work environment. Choosing the right colour, art or decoration that would complement the type of industry the office is could be a challenge in order to create an atmosphere that provides a sense of professionalism while helping clients feel welcome and comfortable. Since there are numerous aspects to consider such as size, colour, texture and artist, professional advice is very valuable. We came up with a list of tips to help turn a decorating challenge into a simple and pleasurable lesson in art.

First Impressions

Always remember that first impressions last, especially when it comes to office decoration. The first artwork that welcomes a person coming into the threshold could influence his judgment about an establishment. Experts recommend placing the best wall hangings on the “visual wall” the first wall a person sees upon entering a room. To create a great perception, the decorator should consider what type of impression he wants to create then find the perfect décor to achieve this goal. Unlike large companies with their personal interior designers, artwork near doorways should produce a welcoming ambiance. Great or interesting artwork can act as an ice-breaker for conversations and start a discussion among employees and visitors.

Colours That Fit

Company style and colour should complement each other in terms of decorating. Entrepreneurs should select colours that are aligned to the company environment and would match their personality. Take, for instance, bright colours that can excite patients such as reds and yellows are not advised for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Serene blue and shades of purple are the best choice since it can create a calm atmosphere. Abstract paintings would be a perfect match for office buildings with a clean and contemporary ambiance while a pastel portrait of an abstract landscape would be a great fit on a doctor’s waiting room. Soft colours can help calm patients and allow them to picture themselves as part of the scenery. One other option is for the person to select a décor with your personal favourite colours. For example, a laser skin clinic doctor who loves golf can benefit from a landscape portrait with green hills or valleys hung on his clinic wall. The positioning is important, have some nice art in place for customers to look at whilst getting facial threading done at your business. Take into account the colours of the business that appears on the logo and business cards, you can create a colour theme by using different shades and matching the artwork with the official business colour.

Don’t Limit Yourself

Paintings by Picasso and Matisse used to be standard wall decors. But office decors should not be limited to only the classics. Some people think that to be a great decorator you need to use famous paintings and recognisable prints, however, is it also great to use less well-known artists to have something different or incorporate some modern artwork in. Great art doesn’t have to be expensive either. Printed posters of famous paintings can be purchased from art stores for less than fifty dollars without the frame. This provides entrepreneurs the flexibility to change their wall hangings frequently without incurring huge costs and keeping it fresh.

Mixed Media

Other artworks such as chunky vases, ceramics, felt pieces and sculptures can help create an appealing office ambiance. Mixed media can add a great deal more interest to any office. Combining different varieties of art allows you to personalise the space and it paves the way to creativity. The minuscule artwork has now become a trend and decorators are now adding them to the interior design, allowing them to display small wood, metal, ceramic or glass sculptures on display plinths. The choice of artwork should derive in large part from personal taste and the overall feeling you wish to convey. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, you could have a period portrait displayed in the same room as a modern sculpture.

Quality Artwork, Less Expense

The misconception that great art is expensive causes many people to skip décor altogether. With the growth of the art industry, people no longer have to spend a fortune in order to obtain a high-quality artwork. Entrepreneurs now have the option to purchase a reproduction of a portrait by a famous artist for a lower price than what they would pay for an original. Another modern option is to join an art rental program specifically for business, where a gallery loans artwork to the office for a period of time and it is regularly switched out for something different. Therefore you can have great art brought to your without worrying about art storage solutions of choosing between great art. Also check online retailers like Etsy for unique art pieces that will suit your company, not just artwork but also wall hangings, bunting, and other cute homewares can be found online.

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